PyTb (Python Toolbox)


This is a collection of useful snippets I find myself to use regularly during prototyping.

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Most of the functions are especially useful when working on remote machines via jupyter notebooks (e.g. a JupyterHub) with long-running processes (e.g. Deeplearning).

Checkout the Quickstart section for common usecases and example code.

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via pip:

pip install py-toolbox

or via distutils:

git clone pytb
cd pytb
python install


Clone the repo and install the development requirements. After this you can install the package in development mode to just link the sources into your python path.

git clone pytb
cd pytb
direnv allow
# if you're not using direnv, you really should
# otherwise create a new virtualenv for the package

pip install -r dev-requirements.txt
python3 develop

make test

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